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 NLS - No Limit Soldiers  No Mercy - No Fear - No Limit. We are 100% anti-hack. This site is waiting 
 for the Nitro Pack!!!!!!
An activision game (c) 


The "Unlimited Car" Tournament between 1st December & 31st January was won by Candyman! Candyman won with astounding 52 points. It would seem no one could touch him after only 7 losses & 18 wins. He has shown us all how to kick some butt over the last few months, I only hope he can do the same  against those oppose us on 
the Highway. 
                          CONGRATULATIONS CANDYMAN!! Drinks on you eh:) 

You can arrange a game with anyone, either click on their name to e-mail your request or use their    
UIN if they have one. Arranging games is upto you, you can play a Tournament fight no less   
than once a week.I recommend you arrange games  around EST  timezone seeing most are familiar   
 with it also add what map you wish to fight on. Allow 1 standard week for  a response.If your   
  request is denied either e-mail me or arrange another.If your request is unanswered then also e-mail me.    
If you fail to play at least 1 game then your status will be turned to INACTIVE & lose 1 point. if you fail to play 1 game in two weeks your status will be turned to FROZEN & lose 5 points. If you fail to play after 3 weeks you will be considered to have left NLS & will have to re-apply to become a member again.  
Once you have arranged a game you can ask another member if they will referee the match,the referee must make a note of how many  engagements are won & lost & then e-mail the results to me. If both members think they can fight without a referee they may do so, but if both parties send me different results the game will be void & both members will lose 1 point.If myself is involved in a game then i'll request a ref ok:)    
Always make sure the game has  a name  "NLS Match" or "NLS Tourney" so other NLS members  know what it is, Under no circumstances is another member who is not involved in the tourney match to enter this game,make sure its set to invite so nobody enters. The game should only consist of two opponents & 1 referee. The challenger must decide & host the map you wish to fight on.    
Tournament games will consist of 5 engagements, each  engagement  you & your opponent must regen every time & start with a fresh car. This tournament is unlimited you can use any car & any weapon. For every engagement you win you will receive 1 point if you win the game you will recieve 5 points eg>   Vader wins 3 loses 2  Fred wins 2 loses 3 <this means  Vader gets 3 points (for winning 3 engagements)+ 5 points (for winning the game). Fred gets 2 points only . If any member crashes  more than twce in a game during a tournament fight then they will lose 1 point.If someone crashes & is unable to rejoin after 30 mins then they will lose the tournament fight & will lose 5 points to the opposing player.     
If that player thinks he's being booted from a game or being prevented from entering, you must e-mail me at once or even better ICQ me. No F12ing or you lose a point, you may not play another member more than twice. 

The Tournament ends on January 31st, The winner will be posted on our mainpage & wherever else i can. You will not recieve Leadership of NLS or champaigne,a new car,house,holiday or $5000 ok, this is just for fun, no more no less. All the above rules i have made up & may have a few gliches so if you see them e-mail me.    

If you have any difficulty  playing a game e-mail me,I know, i know christmas is round the corner so i'll give some leeway that week if u don't make a tourney match. I'll update this page as results of tourney matches come in, but remember i have to work for a living tooo so don't send nasty letters if you think you just won a load of points & it aint posted within 24hrs ok:)        

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