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NLS - No Limit Soldiers  No Mercy - No Fear - No Limit. We are 100% anti-hack. This site is waiting 
for the Nitro Pack!!!!!!
An activision game (c) 


No Limit Soldiers needs recruits but only the best  
 and non-hacking player of the Interstate need apply. 
If you think your good enough then e-mail 
your details (Questions from 1 to 10) to me but 
first please read the conditions & rules on joining  
1.Why do you want to join No limit soldiers? 
2.How often do you play? 
3.What times do you play (EST)? 
4.What is your Handle? 
5.How old are you? 
6.What is your real name? 
7.What is your UIN? see rules 
8.Do you have a Web site, if so whats the URL? 
9.Have you ever been in another gang? 
10.How long have you played I'76? 
Please E-mail your details here.
       No Limit Soldiers is 100% Anti-Hack & AVA Compliant If you have any queries please e-mail me here.
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