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 NLS - No Limit Soldiers  No Mercy - No Fear - No Limit. We are 100% anti-hack. This site is waiting 
 for the Nitro Pack!!!!!!
Get it now! Its the only way! 
 Interstate '76 Nitro Pack out 24th of Febuary!
Interstate'76 Nitro Pack Demo Information 
System Requirements  
Special Note: This is a 3D hardware-only demo for fully Direct3D compatible 3D cards. The demo is optimized for 3DFX, Rendition, nVidia and ATI. As this is a pre-release demo, users may experience some compatibility problems with their 3D hardware. Users should contact their 3D hardware manufacturer for the latest drivers. For those without a 3d card, tough woohahahahaha  ...sorry had to let it out:) 

100% IBM PC-compatible Pentium 133 MHz computer or higher  
US version Microsoft Windows 95 operating system  
32 MB RAM  
VESA local bus (VLB) or PCI video card with 2 MB RAM 16-Bit High Color 
Quad-speed CD-ROM drive (600K/sec. sustained transfer rate)  
100% Sound Blaster-compatible sound card  
100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver Latest Windows 95 drivers that can fully support Microsoft's DirectX5.  

Download sites                                          Mirror sites 
Activision West Coast FTP                         Activision West Coast mirror 
Activision East Coast FTP                         Activision East Coast mirror 
Activision UK FTP                                     Activision UK mirror 
Activision Australia FTP                            Activision Australia mirror 

I76 Demo is approx 30megs <huge> 

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