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NLS - No Limit Soldiers  No Mercy - No Fear - No Limit. We are 100% anti-hack. This site is waiting 
for the Nitro Pack!!!!!!
An activision game (c) 


Intel-News Email Vader
  •  Stew Leaves NLS Feb 12th
           Stew also known as Da Mack  in his former days co-founder of NLS  has left, to go on the long 
           road of unknown riches, he will be missed, specially his tactical input which helped so much in the early
           development of  NLS. His former gang  FI (Freelancer Inc) which was also well known for being one 

           of the first gangs to do with I76 brought invaluable infromation  which helped create NLSS  from which
           Stew spent alot of his days behind enemy lines, seeking out those who oppose us, within & out of NLS
           If you see Stew on the Highway say HI! & lets hope he joins us again after the release of  the Nitro 


  •  More join NLS Feb10th - Wicked who also was leader of WW (Wheeled  Warriors) has joined our ranks,
           Wicked it seems has a talent for map making so we might have some maps soon!  ..i hope :) 
  •  Candyman is working on a new  external-tournament, news is shallow on this yet but i'll keep ya posted:)
  •  Nitro pack Feb 9th
           Get your copy of  the Nitro Pack Demo here right now. 
  • Welcome Toolman & Guy to NLS, 2 of many new members to join us.
  • Candyman wins!!! Feb 5th
          Candyman wins tournament with 52 points guess that means drinks are on him:)  
  • New Rules
          To keep in line with our allies i have submitted some new rules regarding gameplay, go here to read more  
  • The New Order
          With this site now being fully updated i intend to stretch the word across the Interstate that NLS is here to   
  • AVA have own domain please check it out.
  •  New ...again Feb 3rd 
          Website has new look , can't seem to make up my mind but this is home for now so ENJOY!!!
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