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 NLS - No Limit Soldiers  No Mercy - No Fear - No Limit. We are 100% anti-hack. This site is waiting 
 for the Nitro Pack!!!!!!
An activision game (c) 


 Any changes you make to your handle, please let me know!
IF  you cannot see your name below its possible you have been put on "STANDBY" for when the Nitro pack comes out.
High Council Members FUNKLE [NLS]__________________ Wicked [NLS]____________
Vader[NLS*] Leader  Teenwolf [NLS] N/A
Candyman[NLS] Joint 2nd Command Ruler [NLS] N/A
PTS [NLS] Joint 2nd Command Frizbee [NLSA] N/A
Cornhog [NLS]Chief of Staff KAK [NLS] N/A
Trigger [NLS]WarLord Angel [NLS] N/A
Flame[NLSA*]  A/Kickers Cdr Joe Dredd [NLS] N/A
Zero Bunny [NLS] Guy [NLS] N/A
Andy Mack [NLS] Toolman [NLS] N/A
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